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Little Dragons Program
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This class is designed for kids 3yrs to 6yrs


"We Teach More than Kick and punching" Find out more how we can develop confidence, self dicipline and teach safety skills too!

The little dragons programme is for children between the ages of 3 – 6. The martial arts programme introduces and prepares young children or toddlers to an education in martial arts. Lil’ Dragons students receive instruction on martial arts and life skills. The dual education of martial arts and life skills has improved many of our Lil’Dragons attitudes to learning and discipline. The programme teaches each student to recognise the importance of focus and determination and how these aspects lead to reward and achievement.

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Lil’ Dragons students grade from white to black on the Lil’Dragon syllabuses. The black belt achieved is recognized as the first grade in the GBMAA’s primary syllabus. Lil’Dragons will also receive extensive tuition on essential life skills. Lil’Dragons students will cover a life skill course of 24 units taught over a time span of two years.

The key life skill topics which are covered are:

· Stranger awareness
· Health & Safety
· Road Awareness
· 999 Phone calling
· Poison Awareness

The life skill curriculum gives the Lil’Dragons the knowledge about potential dangers and safety skills, which are not always taught in primary education.

Students will learn the martial arts curriculum for their specific grade, which comprises of basic stances, blocks and strikes. Each student will perform a set form for their grade rank. As the students progress up through the grading system they will learn and execute an improved and strengthened form. Each student will demonstrate their form with the aid of the class instructor to their fellow students. The form’s main aim is to build confidence and focus into the student, because the student will be presenting their skills to the class.

The Lil’Dragons programme has improved many of its students’ learning ability, which has led to new progress in school and at home. 

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