Stranger Awareness

The first method of attacking any problem is Awareness.

Our Didsbury Kids Martial arts program will teach your child how to recognise strangers tactics and how to deal with situations if they are confronted. Our Children’s martial arts program is not just about punching and kicking it is about keeping your child safe in all walks of life.

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10 Classifications of Strangers

1.) Gift giver
This is a stranger that tempts children to go with them through gifts or promises of gifts. Such as sweets, etc.

2.) Friendly
This type of stranger attempts to gain children’s trust through putting on a friendly persona to attract them.

3.) Game Player
A game player is a stranger that attempts to gain a Childs trust through pretending to play games and usually they will encourage the child to keep secrets.

4.) Helpless
By appearing to need help a stranger can lure a child to close proximity, they may even ask for help.

5.) Familiar
A familiar can be a next-door neighbour, storekeeper, school caretaker, etc. This type of stranger could use the fact they are familiar to the child to get close.

6.) Messenger
A Messenger is a stranger that try’s to trick a child to accompany them under the guise they were asked to collect the child or has some important information that can only be passed on in private.

7.) Mind reader
This is the stranger that gains a Childs confidence because they appear to the child as knowing a lot about them. They know their name, what school they go to, their parents name or what they do for past time. The Mind reader usually has studied its prey before they make a move. A child can be impressed by their knowledge.

8.) Promiser
This stranger will make promises of a fun time if the child goes with them.

9.) Cool
A stranger that demonstrates traits that children wish to emulate will use this to attract them.

10.) Scary
Due to the fact children are taught to respect their elders a stranger may use this to there own ends. A stranger can use direct tactics to force children to go with them. By barking out an order for example: - “ Get here now!”

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