What to do if the teachers do nothing

Have you had a concern at school and the teachers seem to do nothing?

Are you scared of going into school for fear it may make the issue worse?

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The problem we have in today’s world is we can forget that schools and teachers are service providers who are accountable
If schools are accountable there must be rules and procedures. First things first, dig out the schools complaints procedure. By Common Practise all learning providers must have one Based on the rules, follow their complaints procedure until you get satisfaction. Most schools complaints procedures is about following the complaints ladder

-Head of Year
-Deputy Head Teacher
-Head Teacher
-Board of Governors

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In cases of assault you can go straight to the police, however your first point of call should be the schools complaints procedure
If the teacher does nothing you have to put the work in. Detail a report of what has happened.

When writing your report include who, what, where and when.

Remember the ABC’s

Keep your report accurate brief and clear

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Keep referring back to the report as the complaints escalates,
perseverance will pay off

Beware! The oldest trick in the book.

You may be asked what you would like to see happen or what course of action you would like the school to take.

Your job’s not to become part of a complaint process.Your aim is to have a risk free environment for your child. Give a clear report and leave it to the professionals or you may get drawn into a debate on your suggestions and the possibility as opposed to getting a complaint and a resolve to sort out your child’s problem of being bulled

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My view is school should reflect real life, see my next article on how schools reflecting real life can make a difference

Where you ever told as kid to hit the bully back twice as hard?

Have you ever told your kid to hit them back twice as hard?

I recently had a discussion about this with a parent whose
kid was being bullied
; the twice as hard approach wasn’t
working and usually resulted in a full blown fight or a
visit to the head teachers office.

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